“Home Invasion” | Movie Review

Home Invasion (2016) 1Grade: (D-)

Deciding what snack to have before watching will give you more intrigue than this story will.

“HOME INVASION” stars Natasha Henstridge as Chloe, a wealthy woman who finds her and her son terrorized by a group of armed individuals as they invade her home in the darkness of night.

Being a fan of B-movies has its perks. You can often stumble onto a small-budget project that will surprise you with a creatively enjoyable story. The down side to B-movies are films like “Home Invasion” a cookie-cutter thriller with no ambition in creating something new. The story was rather simple with a familiar plot, but rather than try to add some new twists to a genre, the screenplay goes through all the cliche motions.

Each scene is incredibly telegraphed, and each moment that tries to inspire suspense have all been seen and done better in other home invasion thrillers. Where the story tries to create some intrigue fail to feel nothing but forced. This was a cut-and-paste film made of other past movies and the characters come across as lifeless.

The performances are not that great. Jason Patric was decent at times although you care nothing about his characters. Henstridge overacted many times throughout and Scott Adkins was reduced to a cookie-cutter villain that was laughable despite his effort. None of the cast had much to work with to their credit and the result was a bland story that landed with zero impact.

For a film labeling itself as a thriller there was little thrills and overall it was a rather uneventful time and a waste of 85-minutes. There was no creativity put into the story, character creation, locations, scenarios – anything. There are plenty of much better movies in the home invasion sub-genre that will be a much better use of time than watching this low-grade B-movie.

Time: 85 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for violence and peril)



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