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I’m pretty much a normal guy living in California and when I am not working, out enjoying the weather, or spending time with friends and family, I try to enjoy a movie to close out the busy day.

I grew up on movies and love my share of 80’s and 90’s action and comedies. But like to watch a little of everything. Time is often short in the day so when the last couple hours of the evening present itself I take the opportunity to watch a movie as opposed to channel surfing the night away.

I’ve read a lot of film reviews for many years and found it odd that while many people write reviews for films, they often seem to never like anything. Some websites routinely bash movies of all genres with harsh critiques and it makes we wonder, do they even like movies? Wouldn’t you want to write about things you like, rather than things you dislike?

I try to find some good in all the films I watch if at all possible, but try to do my best to give my honest opinion about what the film gave me while watching or what it simply did not. Was it a surprise hit? A waste of time? An insult of my intelligence? I keep my reviews simple and take into account the target audience for the project when I review a film. I keep my reviews short and to the point and do my best not to ramble on and on.

I love talking about movies, and someday hope to write a screenplay. I enjoy a wide range of film styles and can appreciate the art in most. Since the summer of 2013 I have been writing about the movies I see and will continue to do so for as long as I can because my love of film will never fade.

I also run a YouTube channel to change the format of my reviews and to mix things up a bit so if you are interested in video reviews I’d love it if you checked out the channel. Thanks!


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my website, it is much appreciated…

Anthony J. Digioia II

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