1980’s Comedies

The 1980’s was a classic decade for the genre of comedy with many great comedians and comedic actors making names out of themselves with wild comedies that were often unique and creative, and still hold their re-watch value today.

1990’s Comedies

There were tons of great comedies from the genre and like the 80’s there were a ton of comedic stars built in the 1990’s.


They can be buddy comedies, road-trip flicks, college party flicks or simple grounded stories, but regardless there will be tons of sex, and drug related crude humor, that is easily for adult eyes and ears only.


Still the number one date-night genre, the romantic-comedy will never fade from cinemas. The scripts tend to pair familiar names in the leads, and with a side of cheese, they deliver some routine, but entertaining stories of precious love.

Dark Comedies

Usually themes around grim, and more violent stories a dark comedy can be an enjoyable clever night with a film as you will find yourself laughing at some more demented humor.

Pure Comedies

A simple comedy can range in topic, but the result will often be tons of laughs, when done properly at least.