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Campy Slasher Flicks

Some of the genres most famous characters have cam from campy slasher flicks and they do not look to be slowing down. These films often include teenage or young-adult characters, sex-scenes, a violent killer, and tons of death.

Found-Footage Films

A genre started by “The Blair Witch Project” the found-footage genre is an attempt to pull the viewer into the story like never before. They often deliver some jarring camera-work and less than impressive performances unfortunately, but when done properly, they can be quite fun.

Paranormal Horror

Ghosts, demons, and spirits, the paranormal horror genre can deliver the unexpected and have you in fear as you watch a religious possession, a family being haunted, or a deadly spirit displaying its power.

Simple Horror Flicks

Not all horror films need a famous serial-killer, ghosts, or tons of gore. They can deliver some of that, but with simple stories that will keep you up in your seat, deliver some frightening sequences, with a commonly high body count.


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