Thriller & Suspense

Crime Thrillers

Crime-thrillers are similar to crime-drama’s but can often have a story with a faster pace and more scenarios that will have you on edge. These stories can build tension, have you completely intrigued, and build riveting stories.


A quality mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat, and keep you in the dark as you try to guess the outcome. A story built on mystery can lead to film that will have you talking about them days, or even months later, as you are left intrigued by how a certain plot unraveled itself.


Another of my favorite genres is the suspense. When done properly this genre can weave stories that lure you into them, having you feeling the same dangers and threats as the characters and feeling the tension the story builds through each act.

Psychological Thrillers

Getting into the tormented mind of a victim, or the demented persona of a serial-killer, a great psychological character will put you in the place of the characters and make you feel the emotional distress of the plot the movie is following.

Supernatural Thrillers

Another genre I love is that of the supernatural thriller. They are similar to horror films, often without the gore. but the stories can creep you out with eerie themes, grim settings, and are perfect to watch on a dark night at home.