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Family & Animated

Animated Films

From cartoons to digitally animated films, there seems to be no end to the demand of this genre of film. They often boast mid-summer releases, have capitalized off the 3D market and spawned great companies like; Pixar and Dreamworks.

Stop-Motion Films

Taking animation one step further stop-motion animation brings characters to life using extremely detailed puppets and photography. The painstaking effort taken in to moving these puppets, snapping a picture, and continuing to the point of playing the photos in a sequence to create motion has delivered some amazingly immersive films.

Family Films

Despite the chaos of life their still is a need for films to be able to pull the family around the living to enjoy a movie together. They can be fun adventures, holiday films, or comedies, but the dialogue is suited for all ages, and both adults and children can spend time together enjoying a fun story-line.


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