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Pure Drama

A nice drama is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Whether it be a story of inspiration, or a story focusing on the emotional toll of a situation, a well made drama will showcase some captivating performances, and possibly bring a tear to your eye.


One of my favorite genres is that of the crime-drama. Often filled with stories of organized crime, gripping cop tales, or stories revolving around criminal activities, this genre can deliver some memorable films.

Romance Drama

Some of the most intriguing films are those covering the complicated thing that is love. Whether it be love that can never be, love that was lost, or unexpected connections, the result it often a story that can warm your heart, and break it at the same time.

Military Drama

Not all military films deliver just visceral action. They can often focus of the emotional side of war and capture the toll war can take on soldiers. As well as capture the unrelenting dangers of the harsh realities soldiers face when going into battle, and the difficulties of trying to life after it.


Sometimes a drama can simply focus on a simple story that can be uplifting, coming of age or just retelling a dramatic tale. They don’t always focus on the emotional impact, but can often lead to interesting and thought-provoking stories.


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