“Random Acts of Violence” (REVIEW) An End of the Summer Slash from SHUDDER!

A comic book creator, his wife, and a few friends that set out on a road-trip to New York Comic Con. But this is a horror movie, so of course things won’t go as planned. As they hit the open road people start getting killed and it soon becomes clear there is a crazed fan stalking them and recreating the killings from his comic.

“Camp Wedding” – Review (A Summer Camp Wedding from Hell!)

A bride-to-be is planning to have the perfect summer camp wedding. The only problem is the location has a dark, violent past. And with a lot of clean-up needed to create her perfect vision, the bridal party doesn’t feel as enthusiastic about taking on the task. Soon after arriving some of them begin to turn missing, but nothing will stop this bride from getting the wedding of her dreams.