Action Movies

1980’s Action Films

Considered by many including myself to be the greatest decade for the genre, action films from the 80’s hold a feel of their own. They often boasted over-the-top personas, cheesy one-liners, simple plots, with tons of explosions and excessive violence. With stars such as; Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Snipes, Willis, Van Damme, Gibson, Seagal and many more there was never a shortage of performers to fit the exaggerated heroic protagonists.

1990’s Action Films

The 90’s did offer a solid decade worth of action films. They were often much like their predecessors of the 80’s but with advancements in CGI and the growth of film budgets the ability for stories to take things further made the decade so memorable. This also came along with an excess of computer imagery, some laughable now days, some still holding its validity but it all came at the cost of practical effects replaced with green screens.


This is one of my favorite genres, often consisting of films that may not be excellent, but ones that deliver a fun ‘turn your brain off’ adventure. They often consist of buddy comedies, buddy-cop films, and road-trip stories, and the scripts while recycled, can be entertaining when done properly.

Military Action Films

This sub-genre of action films can have you on the edge of your seat with many nail-biting scenarios as the gripping violence of war is captured for the big-screen. Drama and intrigue often come along with these films as the harsh realities of battle are portrayed realistically, with intense sequences.

Martial Arts Action

From the greats like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, to Jet Li and Donnie Yen, martial-arts themed action films have stood the test of time. Whether they are set in a long past era or placed in current day society, these stories will include plenty of kicks, punches and excellently choreographed fight-sequences, that will always entertain.

Simple Action Films

A film doesn’t always have to fall into a sub-genre. Some action films are just simple stories that deliver a fast paced ride with some action. They could be films following a character in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ or a character on the run. But whatever it may be, one thing for sure is, you will be hanging on the edge of your seat.