‘Paradise Highway’ (REVIEW) Serviceable, But Lacking Dramatic Punch

To protect her incarcerated brother from a prison gang, a truck driver will reluctantly agree to smuggle illicit cargo, unaware that FBI investigators are closing in on her. But when this cargo on her truck ends up being a little girl wrapped-up in a human-trafficking ring, her morals will be put to the test.

“Black as Night” & “Bingo Hell” (REVIEW) Welcome to the Blumhouse Returns to Prime Video

“Welcome to the Blumhouse” returns to Prime Video this week for its second year. This film series consists of four anthological horror-thrillers. October 1st brought us the first two, “Black as Night” and “Bingo Hell”. A couple genre flicks that each had their ups and downs, but in the end did deliver some early Halloween season screams.