“A Kind of Murder” | Movie Review

a-kind-of-murder-2016-1Grade (D+)

A story that goes nowhere, and takes its time doing so.

“A KIND OF MURDER” stars; Patrick Wilson, Haley Bennett, Jessica Biel, Vincent Kartheiser, Eddie Marsan and is directed by Andy Goddard.

The story is set in 1960’s New York and follows an architect that moonlights as a true-crime writer that becomes obsessed with a unsolved murder. He has a perfect life, he is successful and has a beautiful wife, but his obsession with the case, as well as a younger woman will cause a fracture that could change his life forever.

This looked like an interesting film. I am a fan of Patrick Wilson, think he is more than capable enough to carry a film on his shoulders so I had some moderate hopes for this direct-to-digital title. The setting of New York in the 60’s was interesting and after checking the synopsis I was curious to how this murder mystery would turn out.

The first-act was surprisingly effective in building the foundations to the story-line, while introducing the characters. The film was effective in pulling the viewer in to the era with strong detail taken in to the wardrobes and set-design, that gave the film a strong noir feel, which I was enjoying.

Unfortunitally the story really went no where from there and took its time doing so. For a bulk of the second-act the plot circled around itself with little progression and the result was a boring movie that felt twice as long as it really was. The performances were serviceable for the most part.

Patrick Wilson comes in with a solid performance. Haley Bennett was decent for what the role called on her for. Jessica Biel did feel like she was over-acting at times but the situations and dialogue her character was given, did not leave me much choice but to feel over dramatic at times.

There was a decent plot in this story but it was not told with much ambition in my opinion. It had potential to to build tension and mystery but never really does so, and with a third-act that felt as anti-climactic as the story leading up to it, the result felt like a waste of time. It was hard to generate any interest in the characters or get behind their decision making.

I kept waiting for this story to build suspense but it never came. The novelty of the detailed settings quickly wore off, and soon this story was one that just seemed to have no real intention. Even for fans of mysteries or time-period settings this film is not recommendable given it unfortunately was instantly, forgettable.

Time: 95 min

MPAA Rating: R (For language and some violence)