‘Alone Together’ (REVIEW) A Simple But Effective Tale of Romance

Alone Together (2022) Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Drama | Vertical Entertainment | Runtime: 93m | Rated: R

Written and Directed By: Katie Holmes

Starring: Katie Holmes, Jim Sturgess, Derek Luke, Melissa Leo

Synopsis: On the eve of the pandemic two complete strangers June (Holmes) and Charlie (Sturgess) end up at the same double-booked New York Airbnb. Junes in an unhealthy relationship. Charlies still scarred from recently coming out of one. And while alone on lockdown they get to know one another and realize what they’ve been looking for is potentially right there between them.

Going into Alone Together I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was curious if the pandemic would be used as a gimmick, but I was delighted to see it was simply used as the setting for a rather grounded story. A story that really isn’t all that cinematic. It’s more of a stripped-down narrative that relies on the characters, their personal feelings, and their connection as they get to know one another. June and Charlie aren’t dealing with anything in this movie that any of us wouldn’t be able to imagine thinking about and having to deal with. The pandemic here actually serves as a positive because the story itself is simple and relatively predictable without it.

ell, it may still follow a generic plot progression however, the pandemic backdrop is able to modernize this routine love triangle concept just enough to allow the natural charm of the performances to carry the concise runtime. You can foreshadow where this film will more than likely end up, yet it takes the express lane and gets the job done. It doesn’t try to overthink the formula and it results in a relatively charming story fueled by genuine human emotion. So being able to easily connect with either June or Charlie and their situation and pasts does add a modest level of engagement to an otherwise procedural romance drama. One that digs a few layers under the surface, but certainly keeps a lighter tone to the drama preventing it from truly hitting the heart of the viewer.

Holmes and Sturgess consume a majority of this movie, and both are likable. Neither over inflates the drama, the emotional intensity, or the romance, and they give the movie two appealing characters. You may not fully invest in them to get the feels or anything like that, but there is a charming sincerity in their performances. It makes you wish the best for them at least, which naturally adds a little to the film’s engagement overall. Alone Together isn’t a flashy or melodramatic movie. It feels like real-life which may not be appealing to everyone who may prefer a more fantastical escape. It surely doesn’t hit the emotional high notes of a movie like Marriage Story or anything, yet it does provide plenty of appeal for those who enjoy a subtle, simple, but still capable, meet-cute story of love.

Grade: 75%

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Alone Together (2022) Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
Alone Together (2022) Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.