“As Above, So Below” | Movie Review

Grade: (C-)

There were some bright spots in this film but overall the end result was still another trip down the common road we have too frequently traveled in the genre already. 


Underneath the city of Paris lay miles of winding caves and tunnels most do not know even exist. When a group decides to venture inside the catacomb of caves in search of an ancient relic, they will find themselves not alone down in the darkness. The powerful souls that inhabit the caves will prey on their deepest fears and most inner secrets and soon the group realizes they may never make it up to street level ever again.

My Thoughts

“Indiana Jones” meets the horror genre would be the best description of this one. The premise is interesting, and the use of ancient history (however accurate it may be) is a nice catalyst to building the plot. Other than the mindless scenarios that films like these often put into play to begin the same old routine of dumb character decisions and generic scare tactics, this one at least gave the impression that they put some thought into the creativity of the scripts premise as well as some ambition in the dialogue at times.

For me the historical accuracy of these Paris caves are unknown, but for this film they serve as a greatly eerie and believable setting for what could make a fun horror flick. The dark and endless tunnels are as creepy as intended, while the group maneuvers through many claustrophobic locations in search of a ‘missing piece of history’.

Unlike other films similar to these the cast in this one was relatively good, Their performances were solid, the casting seemed to hit the mark as the group of young adults of varying backgrounds all come together for seeming realistic enough reasons. Perdita Weeks was good as the lead in this one and made this a better film then it could have been with her delivering a capable performance that also gave the impression of a film that took itself seriously.

There was minimal backdrop to any of the characters but you are given just enough to understand the motivation behind their venture into the caves. The writing was decent and better than most horror films like this where you can see the outcome of the story almost before it even begins. This one delivers a compelling enough first-act and the seconds starts out good but it doesn’t take long before you can start to feel where this story wants to go.

While the script progresses the moments seems to get all too familiar and this is where the film begins to blur with the countless others. The films plot, revolving around spirits that feed on your innermost secrets and deepest fears has been done to death and this time around seemed too recycled. While this film had my attention early on, as well as some nicely developed intrigue, as it continued I often found myself not focusing on the story-line anymore so much as thinking back to other films this one was starting to reminded me of.

Sure there were some good moments in this film that did rouse some thrills and even a couple jumps but as a whole package to vest an hour and a half on, there is better out there to watch. This one did show some bursts of creativity but it faltered as it went on and in the end it felt – unmemorable. If you are into the premise of this film I would suggest the 2011 horror/thriller called “The Tunnel”, it was a bit better than this and will certainly deliver much more of the edge-of-your-seat chills you will be looking for and much more suspense.

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