“Atomic Blonde” | Red Band Trailer #1 Review

First, I will say this trailer blew me away. If John Wick had a sister she would be Charlize Theron, in this movie. She looked fantastic in the fight sequences and they looked impressively shot with some nice long fluid sequences. So, it’s safe to say I cannot wait to see this one. I heard this movie premiered at this year’s SXSW so I will be curious to see what the early reviews look like.

The rest of the cast looks excellent as well, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Tobey Jones and Sofia Boutella should all be able to bring some entertaining characters to this government espionage story-line. This trailer shows some strong hints of dry and subtle humor that if delivered right should create some effective laughs.

This one looks like it will take viewers into the world of government spies and assassins, something I always love. The European settings also look like a good fit and the entire movie has a sexy and stylish, yet gritty feel, that I think will balance well for this script.

Lastly Charlize Theron is perfect for this role and she looks more than capable in the action. She could have been playing roles like these for years and it will be fun to watch. She fits the strong female lead in most any project and from what this trailer shows, she looks perfect for this one as well.