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Arguably the biggest movie of the year, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is coming out this Tuesday to add to your home-video library. First, let’s quickly cover the film itself. I absolutely loved it, and I enjoyed it even more the second time watching in the theater. Then, seeing it again a third time at home, I found myself just as hooked on the progression like I didn’t already know the outcome. I think the Russo’s were seamlessly able to weave many moving pieces into one riveting narrative. This film needed to be climactic after ten-years of build-up, and it absolutely was.

The script wove multiple plot-lines together with precision that were effectively able to finally give us a collection of heroes in one film we had never seen. It also complemented it with some of the most large-scale action we have witnessed in this cinematic universe. Not to forget the most, intimidating, emotionally driven villain Marvel has given us in Thanos. It was climactic. It was comical. It was emotionally touching. It was flat-out gut-wrenching, and after three times watching, I have to say it’s my favorite film in the MCU. Delivering beautiful film-making from start-to-finish.

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Now let’s dive into the bonus-material in this Multi-Screen Edition. I definitely love collecting movies. I prefer the digital format without question, but some films need that physical copy with all the special-features to round-out adding that special movie to a home collection. Marvel films are classic examples because each release is filled with such a large collection of added features and footage.

They provide so much more insight into the film-making process from the aspects of commentary, to behind-the-scenes footage, as well as story-boarding, concept art and so much more. Not to forget exploring the many stages of CGI progression that show how some of our favorite comic-book action-sequences, and characters are constructed. Like the other MCU Blu-ray releases, specifically those under the Disney umbrella, this one comes with a collection of tightly edited featurettes. They are well-crafted and weave seamlessly between commentary and film and B-roll footage, with each of them providing a ton of awesome nerdy information.

But before we get into those let’s cover the rest of the bonus-content. First, is an introduction from Director’s Anthony and Joe Russo as they give their thoughts on what it was like making this film. What they hope this movie to represent in the MCU. As well as exploring more of the many creative mindsets that went into the film-making process. This was enjoyable to watch because seeing them talk about their movie with their energy subtly showcased the pride they carry in what this movie turned out to be.

As is usually customary with MCU home entertainment releases, this one provides a short Gag Reel. Now admittedly, some are better than others. But this was an amusing collection of clips. There is the usual goofing off on-set from the cast which is always effective in capturing the chemistry among the cast. This segment though, also had some laughable moments that were true bloopers, which to me is always more comical than lighthearted joking around on set.


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Next up is the collection of deleted scenes. We get four of them in this release and overall, I thoroughly enjoyed two of them and would have liked the footage left in the film to be honest. One is a scene that opens with Nebula sending out a coded message to Quill which results in some great banter between him and Drax that I found to be very amusing and perfectly capturing that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ sense-of-humor.

There is also an extended scene opening with Vision and Scarlet Witch, that did build some intensity, but nothing impactful enough to be a must-have for the final-cut. There is another extension of a scene between Stark and Potts that does capture their chemistry, although I can see why it was cut for pacing. At the end of this scene however is a hilarious outburst from Happy that was nicely delivered by Favreau, which would have been a nice addition to the story-line to provide a moment of genuine levity.

The last deleted scene was very well-written, and it was a back-and-forth between Thanos and Gamora. Despite running a few minutes, it did an effective job of capturing some of the referenced substance in their relationship from past films. It was also very touching to see Gamora finally vent her feelings and frustrations, and it was also interesting seeing more insight to the mentality of Thanos.

Now let’s get into the main featurettes. The first is called ‘Beyond the Battle: Wakanda.’ This segment dives into the concept of having Wakanda as one of the focal settings in the film. It adds insight to how Wakanda fits into the future of the MCU as well as how it provided such a massive landscape for the third-act battle-sequence.


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It was awesome to see the construction of the sequences from a technical aspect. The number of extras used to film the battle was in the thousands. Seeing the scope of the set-design, and watching the behind-the-scenes footage, seeing how all these moving parts were woven together into the final-edit we see on-screen, was impressive. It creates an immense appreciation to the effort and teamwork required to pull something so difficult off with such a fantastic result.

The second featurette explored the world of the films villain called ‘Beyond the Battle: Titan.’ Again, it was fascinating to see the construction of the Titan’s landscape inside the massive sound-stage. The production design was immaculate, and it was interesting to hear the commentary from the Russo’s as they talk more about the mythology behind their vision for Titan for how it would look aesthetically.

This segment was loaded with footage capturing the actors rehearsing and shooting their scenes for the fight-sequences. It was also enlightening to see all the various blue and green-screens throughout, as well as their specific positioning to get a much better feel for what is digital, and what is practical in these CGI heavy comic-book movies.

This next segment was also an intriguing one. It was called ‘Strange Alchemy’ and it focused on the various pairings of heroes we see throughout the film. It was fun to hear the Russo’s mindset for this angle of the movie. While you’re watching you see various heroes clustered together, or paired with one another which you typically think nothing of as far as being something intentional.


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But listening to the Russo’s talk more in-depth behind their intentions for certain character moves was fascinating and it did add depth to certain scenes when I went back and watched the film again. The decisions were not random, and were often processed from outside-of-the-box. With a focus on driving the story forward and it was subtle, but very important to the film overall in building compelling tension.

The final featurette in this Blu-ray release is probably my favorite of all the bonus-content and it was called ‘The Mad Titan.’ For myself, Thanos was the biggest wild-card in this movie, and the most interesting dynamic to the story. He has been teased for years and I was extremely satisfied with his impact on this story. This vignette was great to recap the Thanos sightings in the MCU over the past years, as well as to reiterate some of the strings he has been pulling behind-the-scenes to get to where we are today. It was also fascinating to see the motion-capture work from Brolin that created an imposing, lifelike digital character, and the biggest villain ever in the MCU.

That’s it for the special-features, I highly recommend grabbing this when it’s available for purchase on the 14th. It’s another great collection of content to complement a fantastic film that more than lived up to the monumental hype, and it’s a must-have for the home-video library.

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