B-Roll Footage of Mark Hamill’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

I don’t think anyone will question the importance of Mark Hamill to the world of ‘Star Wars.’ He perfectly captured the character of Luke Skywalker, and embodied what a true protagonist should be. Not only has he embraced the character as a benchmark in his career, but he has welcomed the fandom of ‘Star Wars’ and all that comes with it.

Finally after all these years, and on the eve of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ being released on Blu-ray, Hamill was given a star on the prestigious Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Thousands showed up for the event as Hamill was all smiles, the pride on his face a constant, as he received his much deserved honor.

Here you can see the B-roll footage from the ceremony to get a glimpse of the celebration for what Hamill has accomplished in this business.

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