Birds of Prey Teaser has the sound of a drama/romance/thriller

This is the pure definition of a teaser trailer. Nothing said, nothing really done, just a few poses. A sort of stage setting in place. Nothing really revealed that will give us anything about the story. This is just a credit to the costume design and make up team. From the looks of this trailer it seems like this is just a bunch of test shoots. Possibly for future wallpapers and posters. That being said, music┬ácan set the tone it’s almost anything and leave you wondering. after watching the teaser trailer to the upcoming birds of prey movie I’m left feeling a 90’s drama romance genre. Possibly even a crimes of passion thriller with just a hint of a crazy.
So far the images of the cast seem dark and fun. The potential of a potpourri of a emotional fun-bag with a beautiful tone is exactly what is needed to spice things up in the DCEU. Still no word from the powers-that-be at Warner if there is a future for the Man of steel with Henry Cavill and Batman with Ben Affleck but what we do know is that DC is taking a few cues from marvel.
Before any one bites my head off what I mean is imitation is the ultimate form of flattery and in this situation very smart in any genre not just the comic book films. It’s a good thing that the Man of steel movie has a different field than a Shazam movie. That the suicide squad had a different feeling then the Wonder woman movie and Aquaman movie. When DC announced that all their movies would be dark and serious you might as well have made a recipe for future boredom and always the same.
Now they’ve learned that putting each one of their comic book films in the vein of a different genre be a rom-com or a murder mystery is the way we keep our audience excited. This is the way it’s done in the comic book world so why not in the comic book movie. Just because marvel sort of figure that out first doesn’t mean it should not be done in every cinematic universe.






I’m excited to see what’s coming next and once the next trailer drops I will definitely give a reaction. If I’m sold on that reaction I will refrain from watching any more footage and go straight to the screening.
Will joker make a cameo?