“Blackhat” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (D-)

This cyber thriller looks the part until you actually pay attention and see this one is a shell of what a usual Michael Mann film brings. 

I actually had some relatively high expectations for this one but quickly after it started I realized it would not be the film I was hoping for. Not long into the first-act do the glaring weaknesses begin to present themselves. Sure the tone is serious and there are some moments of suspense and decent action but it was nothing near enough to pull you through the two-hour plus run-time.

The entire premise of the film being built on cyber-crimes could turn out to be a great story of current day relevance but with the implausible scenarios this film present most people will find this one hard to take seriously. From Hemsworth being let out of prison and next being able to come and go as he pleases, were as laughable as the forced set up with his female lead. After a quickly set-up and highly cliche love connection were are to believe these two are deeply in love? Well it didn’t play out like I think the writer wanted.

There was no connection to Hemsworth’s character and really no villain to speak of and other than his computer hacking skills, we know nothing about him he’s just simply there out of necessity. This film just felt like a run in the park, the same park you have been through countless times, meaning you know what you will get long before the excruciating run-time comes to a close. It almost felt at times as if more effort was put into placing Hemsworth in the scene without his shirt, rather then the detail of the characters, and flow of the story.

In the end this film took a realistic, current world issue and used it to theme a highly unrealistic story-line. Yes there are a couple good moments in this one, and from all appearances some detail took into the current world of technology and the ramifications it has on cyber-crimes, but with a story-line built around it that was so weak, there was little chance of this project being entertaining. Not to mention and third-act climax that was so oddly placed it drew the attention from the two characters filling the scene.

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