CHIPS” | Movie Review

Chips_film_posterGrade: (F)

This is written and directed by Dax Shepard who also stars in it alongside; Michael Pena, Adam Brody, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jessica McNamee.

It’s hard to say this one had a plot at all, but for all accounts it’s about a couple cops who team up to take down some other crooked ass cops. That is if you even care about a plot in this one, which you shouldn’t because none of the people involved in the making of this movie did either.

First off, I was not expecting this one to be good. I didn’t expect the story to bring really anything new to the table but I wanted to sit back and laugh a little. So, with some alcohol administered to the system we were off to see it, and admittedly we did laugh a handful of times.

There were some funny moments here and there, but not many. There were on the other hand many more forced moments and simply just dumb crude jokes that gave the entire script a middle-school feel. There were some jokes and scenarios that landed by both Pena and Shepard, but good god, there were so many that didn’t.

Also, regarding Pena and Shepard, their chemistry was not very good. Shepard looked like he gave some effort which isn’t saying too much, and Pena was simply going through the motions.

Now we all know that TV to film adaptations are hard to pull off. Many fail and don’t deliver the nostalgia that some people remember from the source material. Some do succeed though, and while many may not have liked “Starsky & Hutch” I found it to be a good time, with a lot of laughs and a great chemistry between Stiller and Owens.

The “21 Jump Street” films were also a success. But they were also the start to a bad trend of trying to turn these rebooted properties in to raunch-coms. This film did it, the “Baywatch” movie coming out this summer looks to be doing the same. The problem is, that tone worked of “Jump Street” with the high-school and college settings.

It was out of place in this movie and unneeded. With the property this film was working off of, the result could have been something along the lines of the “Bad Boys” films. But instead they gave it to Dax Shepard who took it home and gabbed his box of crayons and started writing one of the laziest plot-lines I have even seen.

If you want dumb raunchy humor you can find it done better than this one. There were some laughs here and there like I said, but overall this movie was a joke. There was no effort in this one at all and was one of the laziest comedies I can remember. I also want to give a big kudos to Erik Estrada for one of the most unintentionally creepy cameos I have ever seen. But in the end, films like these are the reason movie theaters have bars in them now.