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come-and-find-me-2016-1Grade (C+)

An interesting story that does feel formulaic at times.

“COME AND FIND ME” follows the story of David, a normal guy who goes searching for his girlfriend when she suddenly goes missing. As he starts to search for answers to what could have happened to her, he begins to piece things to together that lead him to think she may not have been the innocent girl he thought she was.

First, I will say I did find a surprising amount of enjoyment in this movie. It was not excellent by any means, but it was effective in telling a story that could generate intrigue and interest. As the film starts and David’s girlfriend goes missing it feels like it will be a common rescue-type film, but it doesn’t hold on to that course the entire time.

The script was successfully able to deliver tidbits of information at the right time to keep the interest high as David copes with the possibility he really knew nothing about the woman he was in love with. The story-line unfolded its plot in a timely fashion and it was an enjoyable film to watch as it can engage your attention.

The performances were all pretty good, Aaron Paul was solid in the lead. He made the most out of the character he was given to work with, and you can really get behind him as he searches for his girlfriend. He wasn’t one of these characters that go from being a common man, to all of a sudden being a one man army. He doesn’t have a military background, doesn’t know how to shoot, or fight, he was a normal guy that was desperately trying to find his girlfriend, and this film conveys that successfully.


Throughout the first three-quarters of this film I was completely engaged but as the twist in the film begins to unfold the entertainment and plausibility began to drop. Annabelle Wallis has been around awhile, I remember her in small parts but she was not the best in this movie for what her role called on her for.

– Possible Spoilers Below –

When the story calls on her character to become something, she doesn’t pull it off at all in my opinion. Throughout the story-line as her character was refereed to in flashbacks she was just fine, and more than serviceable for the character. But as the third-act kicks in, and the story reveals who she really was, the entertainment was suddenly hindered for the rest of the film to me.

She didn’t look, or feel like what the character wanted her to be and it fell flat in my opinion. But the story didn’t help her, this was an interesting mystery that built some suspense but then for some reason tries to wrap itself up with an action-movie-esque climax and it didn’t work. But there was some fun in this one. For a B-movie it was well done and delivered some entertainment with Aaron Paul carrying the film on his shoulders.

Time: 112 min

MPAA Rating: R (For language and some violence)

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