Blumhouse-Inspired Continuance Pictures Begins Work on Horror Project and a New Film Initiative

Continuance Pictures has announced the production on a new horror film called “Isolation” with Tristan Barr signed on to write and direct. The story centers on a seemingly lone survivor from a plane crash that meets a mysterious women in the Australian wilderness with a sinister demonic presence swarming around her.

Tristan Barr will also produce with David Gim, Continuance Pictures’ partner. In what will be a Korean-Australian co-production.


Meanwhile, Continuance has also announced a new film-making initiative inspired by the horror maestro himself, Jason Blum.

Continuance’s Tristan Barr and David Gim were speaking to Blum (“Halloween”, “The Purge”) at the recent Busan Film Market where he inspired the prolific producing unit to get a film fund going.

“Jason gave us incredible advice on shooting with low budgets and testing contents with short films”, says Barr, co-founder of the company.

The chat led to a new film ‘Continue’ initiative, in which budding film-makers will have the chance to produce their own short with feature film or TV series potential.

Through their new initiative, Continuance Pictures will foster the untapped creativity of new writers, directors and producers by assisting them in the development and production of a film through a short-film initiative.

Continuance Pictures are looking to offer qualified, high-concept proposals up to $10,000 to spend on the production’s budget. Writers, directors and producers who have bold and innovative ideas are invited to submit their scripts to the Continue Short Film Initiative via the Continuance Pictures website before 5 pm AEDT on the 1st of February 2019. [Continuance Pictures]


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