First-Look at Alicia Vikander in “EARTHQUAKE BIRD” Coming to Netflix November 1st

A psychologically unsettling and atmospheric thriller set in 1989 Tokyo from director Wash Westmoreland (C olette , S till Alice ), Earthquake Bird follows Lucy Fly (Alicia Vikander), an enigmatic expat haunted by a painful past, who enters into an intense relationship with Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi), a handsome local photographer. Lucy’s imperturbable exterior begins to crack when a naive newcomer, Lily Bridges (Riley Keough), becomes entangled in their lives and ends up missing — suspected dead.[Netflix]

EARTHQUAKE BIRD releases globally on Netflix on November 15, 2019 with exclusive theatrical engagements beginning November 1st.


Alicia Vikander, Riley Keough, Naoki Kobayashi, Kiki Sukezane, Yoshiko Sakuma, Kazuhiro Muroyama, Ken Yamamura, Crystal Kay, Akiko Iwase, and Jack Huston

Written and Directed By

Wash Westmoreland

Earthquake Bird – 2019 – Netflix
Earthquake Bird - 2
Earthquake Bird – 2019 – Netflix
Earthquake Bird – 2019 – Netflix
Earthquake Bird - 0
Earthquake Bird – 2019 – Netflix