“Funny Farm” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (B+)

One of the overlooked Chevy Chase films that gives a little bit of everything including a ton of laughs.

Most people hear of Chevy Chase and immediately think of his character in “Fletch”, his days on SNL or his bumbling antics as Clark Griswold in the “Vacation” series. This is expected as all were great times for his career, but to me one of his other great films often never gets a mention and that film is “Funny Farm”.

Chase plays a writer who moves with his wife out to the country from their Manhattan home to write a book and start a family. These small goals are hard to start-up when they realize county life is not always what it looks like in the magazines and postcards. With the wildly eccentric people surrounding them in the small town, the two find adjusting to their new life not as easy as expected. From one issue and adjustment to another the comedic set-ups never end.

Chase delivers his hilarious brand of comedy in many fashions and despite the years that have passed, this film still holds its comedic value. There is one outrageous moment after the other and the laughs come at you from many angles. The dialogue is clever and never seems forced and the story-line in itself is realistic and amusing. The small town feel is captured perfect in the film and even gives you a nice holiday feel in the third-act, which was a nice touch in my opinion.

The cast is great and his co-star Madolyn Smith Osborne worked well with Chase. They showed great chemistry and she was able to roll off his performance and provide a great one of her own giving some nice funny moments in very subtle fashion. They were believable as the urban couple trying to adjust to the country and the people that live in it and they were likable so your interest in kept. Their individual break-downs were laughable and built well off the situations the script created.

This is a fun comedy that still can rouse a ton of laughs. Chevy Chase was excellent and for anyone who wants to sit back and watch a funny film that doesn’t force it, then give this one a shot. You will like it and when the end-credits roll you will still have a smile on your face from the calm yet chaotic hometown vibe this one delivers.