“Get Hard” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (C+)

This one gives you exactly what you would expect, scenes that do make you laugh, scenes that do not, and an overall brainless plot that results in moderately entertaining. 


When a millionaire is accused of fraud, stripped of his fortune and given thirty-days to prepare for a prison sentence, he confides in the car-wash guy at his old building to teach him the ways of surviving in the correctional facility.

My Take

This comedy romp gives you exactly what you will expect and provides enough brainless entertainment to make it worth a shot. The story-line is without question dumb, but regardless the course of the script is fun and Hart is again his usual self and despite his singular range in acting ability he still uses his charismatic personality and charm to still pass as entertaining. Besides, he is a stand-up comedian at heart (no pun intended) so letting him use his strength is still working with audiences in his current run of comedies.

Will Ferrell was also hilarious in this film at times with his fun-loving demeanor, and was closely reminiscent to his greatness in “Old School” but only in brief moments. Their chemistry together was very good and it was fun to watch their interactions. When both leads are willing to dive into their roles, and actually get along the ability to work off one another is much easier and the result is often laughable, regardless of a weak plot.

The story is dumb, but that was the point. The theme of Ferrell being trained to prepare for a prison sentence from a man who he only assumed has been locked up at one point or another was stupid and funny at the same time. There was a good amount of hilarious moments and some that will have your chin dropped but it all helps make the ridiculous script worth watching.

There is a handful of scenes that seem forced but films like these always have them. In the end Ferrell and Hart make a solid team in a decent comedy that was intentionally as stupid as it was creative. The rest of the cast was alright, Craig T. Nelson was passable as a textbook character of wealth. Alison Brie came in with the best of the smaller roles having a few comical moments of her own and John Mayer was also amusing in his cameo.

In the end “Get Hard” is what you will expect and unless you are a fan of the leads, or films like “Ride Along” and other comedies that lean toward vulgar comedy, you won’t be missing much by not putting this at the top of your list. But if the night is calling for a turn-your-brain off comedy that will make you laugh without having to think then this one will entertain on the chemistry of Hart and Ferrell alone.