Get Out Movie Review (Spoiler Bullets)

Get Out: Starring Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams. From the mind of Jordan Peele

We just saw the advanced screening of get out by Jordan Peele, the master of comedy . I got to say that movie was amazing and i love it. It was just like it was more of a mystery than horror. Also a psychological mind  thriller.

“guys we’re going to do some spoilers so real quick, if you don’t want to see spoilers, stop reading.”

I  went thinking . . .I know what’s gonna happen. I  was like “it’s that guy, no its that woman, all of a sudden were all right. It was all those guys.

I think I think everybody did a great job at first I thought the

The father played by Bradley Whitford the guy from Revenge of the Nerds , you may remember him from the TV show The West Wing . I love that dude but I thought it was the actor from the TV show Family Ties when I saw the trailer. He came off like one of those guys who no he welcomes and accept anybody no matter what color they are but they’re still some form of insecurity that pushes him and his friends too go over the top with trying to convince white people and people of color that he is accepting of everybody. Saying things like I would have voted for Obama on a third term was just not necessary when you’re meeting your daughters black boyfriend for the first time. It makes it very awkward for black men and women and it’s embarrassing for yourself . I’ve never understood why people have to go out of their way to make the audience comfortable with you , just be yourself . you do not have to try so hard to either pretend to be something you’re not or enhance what you see as the good qualities and yourself to be accepted because both situations is just you perpetrating a fraud.

The thing I love about this movie is that it came off as a crazy mystery . it also gave a M Night Shyamalan type of field especially towards the end . not just because it was a Twist but because the twist was almost always in your face . that could be a matter for a race relations if you think about it LOL. The Twist is always right there in your face . Think about it.

There was a lot of funny scenes more than I thought they would be Lil Rel howery was  a breath of fresh air throughout the movie. Every time he into the scene it was as if an audience member was being transported from the moment that everyone was already aware of and our feelings and thoughts were being expressed in real-time through that character that he played . he really captured and peel captured in the writing a lot of unique things that black people think to themselves especially when they’re in a crowd of white people that are going out of their way to be inclusive. It’s a very tense and in some situations horrifying situation for some period it’s specially some black introverts . being shy is one thing but capturing sinus, being flung into an awkward situation when it comes to race relations and interracial relationships all the while everyone is around you trying to prove how non-racist they are is in itself a very heavy and tense moment. Because even though you’re trying to show this person you’re not racist comma you’re still asking him questions or speaking to him in a manner that you would never bring up at all to a white person period And I believe that was captured very well.

After the big reveal the movie still move forward as if it was going to give you the cliche horror movie don’t do. That’s some characters are forced because of bad writing period like going up the stairs instead of out of the front door , allowing the villain to convince you that they still care for you until they try to kill you again. And each and every time the rule was set up and broken up. I love that about this film .

A lot of the things that can build it on their TV show on Comedy Central made sense looking back. They did a lot of mockery of horror movies or Hollywood in general in the show. The production value was very well set up and you can now see looking back at those clips and skits that Jordan Peele probably had his hands and a lot of the development. I think both Key & Peele are going to go two places in Hollywood that no one’s ever gone before let alone black comedians. 

One of the things that was brought up during the video interview was the idea that if Jordan Peele was able to get his hands on an actor at the quality of a Denzel Washington what would that look like . I would love to see something like that happen . I think Jordan Peele has proven that he is a man that can surprise you . as long as we’re giving them the freedom to let his imagination take the wheel.

I’m not surprised dad blumhouse is the producer of another hit horror film. I want to reach out to Clark wolf from collider nightmares and spoke to her about the movie Whiplash and why that movie was able to push the same buttons that I would feel pressed and watching a horror. Without hesitation she tweeted back to me and enlighten me that it it’s probably because it was produced by blumhouse. Blumhouse is becoming the staple, standard-bearer, the line that’s drawn in the sand of how to create great horror movies. Everything that was done in the movie was on purpose. Jordan Peele spoke on interview saying that he snuck a lot of Clues throughout the movie that replace themselves upon the reveal that works great if you we watch the film. Something I intend to do repeatedly period

Go see this movie repeatedly. I believe that it will be better the second time I see it. Knowing how it ends and going through the journey and the tension again will be something I look forward to. The same can also be said about M Night shyamalan’s film split. Knowing what you do know about that moving makes the experience a little greater. But just because you do know the endings gifts for the warnings allow your friends to judge for themselves if they want to be spoiled don’t just assume. A lot of great movies are out there below hopefully there is some links to see them while they’re still in theaters I will update once approval is set. If not you’ll just see links to some great films that you can see on Blu-ray through Amazon. 

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