‘GHOSTED’ (Review) A Winning Combination of Laughs, Love, and Action!

When it comes to the genre of action comedies the key to success is balance. When the sense of humor is rolling, the action is engaging, and the story is filled with just enough substance to connect the laughs and violence together, the result is more often than not, an enjoyable, lighthearted romp of amusing thrills. Dexter Fletcher’s Ghosted is able to navigate this balance effectively to result in a fun-filled adventure despite its familiarities.

There is no denying Ghosted fits into the typical mold for the espionage action comedy complete with a sexy couple and a romantic angle at the core. This provides the usual will they, won’t they as they embark on some sort of mission to save the world. This story certainly checks off many boxes on the checklist yet there is an effective comedic atmosphere to the writing. From situational laughs to snarky dialogue the blend of humor is consistent.

Armas and Evans have a great rapport with one another, and their flirtatious banter makes them a likable couple you actually want to see succeed. Or at least care enough about to stick around and see their inevitable victory in both mission and love. Ghosted feels like True Lies, blended with the Netflix blockbuster model with films like Red Notice or The Gray Man. So, it’s clear to see Apple TV+ is ramping up their game in the large-scale action genre. Complete with a collection of comical big-name cameos to add to the hilarity of this fast-moving plot.

It’s an extremely clean and polished film visually. The action is nicely choreographed and shot so you repeatedly feel like you are right in the middle of the chaos. The creativity and use of props adds a thrilling element to all the action set-pieces and hats off to Ana de Armas who clearly put in the effort on the stunt work side to make these fight sequences and shoot outs look even better. Evans does fine as well, but him being the damsel in distress was a comical change of pace that gave the story another layer of humor as his fish out of water dynamic with this world of spies frequently dispensed laughs.

Ghosted certainly borrows many pieces from other films but it also brings its own unique ambition to create something that feels just fresh enough. Armas and Evans show their comedic range and the material doesn’t force the laughs. There’s a confidence to the comedic writing that results in more amusement and less eye rolls. With Adrien Brody playing up the role of the villain with just enough eccentric charisma to round out a capable action comedy that is certainly worth checking out.

Grade: B

Cast: Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Adrien Brody, Mike Moh, Time Blake Nelson, Marwan Kenzari, Anna Deavere Smith, Lizzy Broadway, Tate Donovan  Director: Dexter Fletcher  Writers: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers  Distributor: Apple TV+  Running Time: 166 minutes  Rating: PG-13 (Strong violence, brief strong language, sexual content)  Year: 2023

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Ghosted (2023) Courtesy of Apple TV+. All Rights Reserved.

Ghosted (2023) Courtesy of Apple TV+. All Rights Reserved.

Ghosted (2023) Courtesy of Apple TV+. All Rights Reserved.

Ghosted (2023) Courtesy of Apple TV+. All Rights Reserved.

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