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Living in a modest shack in the Cuban countryside, thirteen year old Lili and her mother appear trapped in a meager, suffocating existence by her domineering father Eduardo. His sudden absence should represent a new freedom for the girl and her mother, but Lili is distraught, and we come to discover just how strong the influence of this monstrous man is over his family. In desperation at losing Eduardo, Lili carries out a ritual taught to her by a spiritualist to help bring him back, leading Lili to uncover a disturbing truth about her father’s disappearance. [2018 Eras Tu Papa]

Is That You (2019) 6

Opening in Los Angeles on August 2 and on DVD & VOD August 13th!

GABRIELA RAMOS (LILI): Despite her young age, Gabriela has already made a name for herself, receiving the best supporting actress award at the 2017 Malaga Film Festival for her performance in Fernando Perez’s ‘Últimos días en La Habana’. Her first film was ‘El viajero inmóvil’. Other credits include the film ‘Larga Distancia’, ‘Corazón Azul’ and the TV series ‘Zoo’.

ESLINDA NUÑEZ (CARIDAD): Eslindais an icon in Cuba, having worked in the film industry since the early 1960s. She has starred in some of the most famous films to come out of Cuba, including ‘Lucia’ and ‘Memories of Underdevelopment’. More recently, she starred in ‘Juan of the Dead’ and ‘Esther en alguna parte’.

LYNN CRUZ (ALINA): Lynn received critical acclaim for her performance in the film ‘Larga Distancia’. Other film credits include ‘Nadie’, ‘La Pared’, and ‘Corazón Azul’.

JORGE ENRIQUE CABALLERO (CARLOS): Jorge has ten years experience as an actor and has had roles in numerous films including ‘Bailando con Margot’, ‘Hormigas en la boca’, ‘Larga Distancia’, and ‘7 Days in Havana’.

OSVALDO DOIMEADIÓS (EDUARDO): Osvaldo is one of the best actors in Cuba and has had major roles in numerous films including ‘Y sin embargo’, ‘Semper Fidel’, and ‘Contigo pan y cebolla’. Other credits include the internationally successful film ‘Havana Blues’, ‘El elefante y la bicicleta’, ‘Think of Me’, ‘Amor vertical’, ‘Operación Fangio’, ‘Personal Belongings’, and ‘Lisanka’.

Rudy Riverón Sánchez is an award-winning Cuban director. He holds an MA from the Northern Film School in the UK. His first short film, Beyond Reach, was nominated for the 2009 Royal Television Society Student Award for the Yorkshire Region. He wrote and directed his first feature film, Is That You? (2019). [2018 Eras Tu Papa]