“Keeping Up with the Joneses” | Movie Review


Grade (C)

A fun turn-your-brain-off comedy that follows all the genre motions.

“KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES” is directed by Greg Matolla and stars; Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, Gal Gadot and Jon Hamm. The story-line follows a normal, boring suburban couple who find themselves intrigued by their new neighbors across the street. They are seemingly perfect and the envy of the neighborhood. They are also a couple of government spies that will enlist the help of the nosy couple that seem so fascinated by them.

There is no denying you have already watched this movie, the premise is simple, the humor is as well. It’s predictable, and instantly forgettable, but a lot of these comedies often are. For a one-time watch it wasn’t all bad. It does stretch the run-time out fifteen-minutes longer than it should have but there was some moments of good humor here and there.

The performances for the most part were serviceable. Fisher and Galifianakis sell themselves as a domesticated couple. Hamm and Gadot are easy on the eyes, and together they all shared a fun chemistry. I guess I didn’t mind this movie too much because I didn’t have high expectations for it. I assumed where the plot would go, knew there would be some stale, recycled humor. But hoped there would be a handful of comical moments, some likable characters, a couple sight gags here and there, and for the most part it delivered.


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The character dynamics were all entertaining in this story. Watching Fisher and Galifianakis work off one another made the most out of the common material. Also, their fascination with the new couple in the neighborhood was routine, but amusing. Hamm was charming in his role and he created some chuckles with his reactions to Fisher and Galifianakis.

This was a cut-and-paste action-comedy but a decent one. There were some fun action sequences that pass the time, and although the CGI was like something from network television, it doesn’t hinder much. The action added with the comical stops in the story-line are enough for a brainless night with a movie. I will forget this film by weeks end, but there were some laughs that land here and there, an a lot of them that did not.

This wasn’t a horrible movie, the writing could have been much better though, and it certainly had potential to be a much more entertaining film. It was a routine plug-and-play comedy, had its moments, and if you are in the mood for mindless humor, this will not completely disappoint.


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