“Logan” (Trailer #1) | Trailer Thoughts

cuaiczwueaaid_w-jpg-largeThe first trailer for “Logan” dropped the other day and the internet has been overflowing with opinions so it is only right I throw my two-cents in. Without question it was an excellent trailer. It gave a great deal of information without giving too much information as to where the story will go. Anyone whose job it is to cut trailers needs to pay attention to how this one did it.

It gives so much to talk about and succeeds in leaving you wanting to immediately go out and see it. You know the best things are yet unseen, and in a perfect world this would be the last trailer for the movie until its release, but I’m sure there will be a few more over the following months.

The Johnny Cash song was an excellent choice not only because the tone seems to match that of the dreary settings to the story. But the opening words in the lyrics seem to speak of the mental and physical state of the character in his long, violent life. The grim settings and grizzled look of Wolverine are a perfect blend, and this does not look like it will be your usual CGI filled comic-book film. It looks to be extremely character driven, and filled with the usual action, but many more emotionally charged scenes as well.

Wolverine looks fantastic and it appears the story will be adapted from the “Old Man Logan” series and it’s fitting for this being Jackman’s final turn in the role. This trailer gives glimpses of a weathered and beaten Wolverine that isn’t healing as fast, or not at all, he’s smaller in physique, riddled with scars, and dealing with some deep internal turmoil. The character looks like he is at the end of his rope, basically given up as his inner demons have taken over, and this is something Jackman will be able to pull off with full impact.

This trailer also shows an aged Professor Xavier and I love seeing Jackman and Stewart work together. They have a great chemistry and rapport with one another and I enjoy them much better than the McAvoy & Fassbender dynamic. We also get a peek at Boyd Holbrook in his role for this movie. His work on “Narcos” is excellent and if the writing is on par (which I am hoping will be) Holbrook will be able to deliver this film a solid villain. Young Jaden Francis who I’m assuming will be the mutant X-23, will also play a big part in this story and I hope she can deliver a strong performance. Working with Jackman should make things easier though given I can see him helping a child actor along very well.

I am so excited to see this film; it looks awesome and should be an emotional farewell to Jackman as Wolverine. Also, the ‘money shot’ at the end of the international-trailer was excellent as he sends his claws through a man’s head. I think this film will earn its R-rating and it will be great to see Jackman as Wolverine, one last time, without restrictions. All I know is March seems like years away and I can’t wait.

Release Date: March 3, 2017