“Mechanic: Resurrection” | Movie Review

mechanic-resurrection-2016-1Grade (C)

Far from perfect, but serviceable turn-your-brain off fun.

“Mechanic: Resurrection” is the sequel to the 2011 film that I actually quite enjoyed. This one once again stars Jason Statham as the professional killer who can make anything look like an accident. This sequel adds Jessica Alba, as well as; Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh, kind of.

This story again follows hit-man Arthur Bishop who has been enjoying his retirement. Until an enemy from his past kidnaps the love of his life (that he met the day before) and forces him to complete three difficult contracts in exchange for her life.

Now if that synopsis, and the fact that the word ‘resurrection’ are in the title are not enough to warn you of what you are getting into with this film, the ridiculously over-the-top opening sequence surely will. This sequel follows a story we have seen many times and one we will see for years to come. It’s extremely predictable, does little to grab your attention, but is enough to keep your interest if you are looking for some mindless action. This film has is all; the cliche love interest, cheesy performances, cut-and-paste dialogue, a cardboard villain, and a paint-by-numbers plot. But it still serves it’s purpose as a film that teeters on being ‘so bad its good’. Well, not good, but serviceable for something you want to put on while you are doing something actually productive.


Jason Statham had his moments. He pulls off the action sequences in all their splendor and with many wild tasks forced on his character, there is some fun to be had. He does feel mildly lifeless in the non-action scenes however, not being able to mask the fact even he knew the dialogue was terrible. Jessica Alba was… there. She didn’t really make the most of the role and while she does give effort, the result was what you would expect, given the material she had to work with. The chemistry between Alba and Statham was bland and did little to sell their love dynamic.

The things this film have going for it is many colorful international locations, loads of shallow action, and all the textbook Statham ass-kicking. Another thing it has in its favor is what I call its, ‘cheese-factor’ something this film has tons of. The sequences are so over-the-top it borders on intentional, as does some of the television-grade special-effects. The scenes bring laughs as Statham is diving onto a para-glider, unloading a clip as he is falling backwards in slow-motion, or sliding down the face of a building. Added with a overly forced musical score and the result is something from the 80’s era of action-romps, minus some charisma.

Overall; “Mechanic: Resurrection” is bad enough to make a laugh, watching it and making fun of it. While still enjoying some of it, despite the lack of ambition in every other aspect of its creation. Michelle Yeah and Tommy Lee Jones were wasted but even more screen-time from them, would not have made this much better.

Time: 98 min

MPAA Rating: R (For violence throughout and language)