“Miss Meadows” | Movie Review

Grade: (D+)

This one had an interesting premise and started out decent but as the plot evolves the intrigue falters as the third-act turned very anti-climactic.


Katie Holmes plays Miss Meadows, an extremely proper elementary school teacher who has a split life as educator and vigilante that no one sees coming until it is too late.

My Thoughts

This one certainly had potential with an intriguing premise and Katie Holmes in the lead who delivered a strong performance. But after the stage is set and we learn about who Miss Meadows really is, the strange outbursts and eccentric behavior only deliver some chuckles as the script direction shows no ambition.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say you can predict the outcome well in advance but (for me) as the character of the sheriff blatantly neglects the obvious truth around Miss Meadows the suspense was lost. Suddenly the film felt predictable in the sense you could assume at least she would get away with it. The only question would be how dark and deep of a twist would the filmmakers try to end the film with to get a rouse.

Surprisingly enough there really wasn’t one which only followed the moniker of a film that started strong and continually went down hill from the opening credits. With the ridiculously implausible actions of some characters you can see the script is clearly molding itself to what it wants its outcome to be no matter how much it conflicts with and natural human rational or reason. For that the characters generate no vested interest in what their outcome will be.

Other than the performance of Katie Holmes and her unique delivery of an eerie and at times creepy character, this film was boring for the most part and lost most of my interest by the time the second-act came around. Sure there was some creative aspects to this film and no it was not a bad movie but it took no chances in the story-line and was too implausibly neat in tidy to take serious at all.

“Miss Meadows” (2014) | Official Trailer