Mr Church 2016 1For a long time Eddie Murhpy was the go-to man for comedy in Hollywood. In recent years he has been dormant with not much to show for larger roles. In the new trailer for “Mr. Church” he is back and in a big way. Clearly not leaning on the ease of his comedic brilliance Murphy takes on a very dramatic role, one that I feel he can thrive in.

I think he is a much more talented actor and performer than people give him credit for, and if the writing is on point in this movie there is potential for something great. This story will clearly pull on the heart-strings and with a timeline that looks to span many years, there is promise for some compelling character development.

I am not usually lured to the genre of drama but as a person who likes to watch the range in a performer, I cant wait to see what Murphy can do with this role. The premise is intriguing and throughout this trailer as the years pass there does seem to be some layers to the script.

The chemistry between the cast however, will be vital to the success of this movie. Also if the writing and development of the story come off overly choppy, and only focuses on the routinely emotional story points, the impact will not land. But from this first trailer the performances look very promising and I will be looking forward to seeing this film next month, and also hope it leads to a resurgence from the great Eddie Murphy.

Release Date: 16 September 2016