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I am always excited when a film seems fresh and original, and this new trailer for the thriller “Nocturnal Animals” certainly looks to deliver just. In addition to the possibility of some excellent performances. I love when a trailer can advertise its film without giving away the course the story will take, and this one succeeds in just that.

It looks to follow a woman played by Amy Adams, who receives a manuscript from her ex-husband who wants her opinion on it. She cant help but notice the violence depicted in the story, and feels it is a subtle message he is sending her about his thoughts on her, and their past together. The film will also look to follow the events of this manuscript as she reads it and continues to grow more worrisome that her ex-husband may have ulterior motives for letting her read it. There looks to be some twists and turns, self exploration, the divulging of inner demons and it has the potential to be excellent.

The script in this movie looks incredibly compelling, multi-layered and with the cast, hopefully filled with many intriguing characters. With names like; Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon, there should be no shortage of captivating performances. If the writing can do so these performers can clearly make the most out of it and it will be hopefully riveting to watching these characters progress through what looks to be a dark, haunting story of underlying emotions and hidden messages.

Tom Ford’s direction looks excellent and the film looks visually appealing for a dark toned thriller. It this trailer is any indication; the locations, lighting, and camerawork should all create a more artistic that usual film, and I am highly anticipating the release of this one.

Release Date US

23, November 2016 (Limited)

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