NYCC Trailer Recap | “The Great Wall”, “War for the Planet of the Apes” |

NYCC ended Sunday and here are a couple of trailers I’d like to discuss.

“The Great Wall”

Saturday delivered the first full-length trailer for Matt Damon’s upcoming adventure epic, and it looks promising. When the teaser for this film was released things didn’t go as planned. People saw Matt Damon fighting dragons in (if my history is correct) 7th century china and wondered what was happening. Whitewashing murmurs rang high, but I wanted to hold judgement until I had a better look at what this movie would be. This trailer advertises a grand scale adventure, with endless waves of stunning visuals, and some much needed context to Damon’s character place in this story.

The cast looks diverse and this should be an immersive film with an ambitious artistic approach, and the final result should be captivating. We all know what Damon and Willem Dafoe are capable of, and after watching “Narcos” and seeing that Pedro Pascal in this film as well, I have no doubt he will be adding another intriguing character to the story. This is going to be a beautiful film to watch, and I have no doubt the era will be brilliantly captured, and perfectly merge waves of fantasy into this massive scale, time-period adventure.

“War for the Planet of the Apes”

Cesar is back and looks as menacing as ever as he gives a cold foreboding warning to his enemies in this short clip. This has been an excellent series of films in my opinion. The James Franco led first film was a surprisingly entertaining one that proved to be much better than most remakes and actually did broadened the source material. Gary Oldman and Jason Clarke also brought great performances in a strong follow-up sequel that did a great job of expanding the story from the first as the post-apocalyptic phase of the story had begun.

They were both quality films, from the writing to the performances and the ambition showed. Also; what can you say about Andy Serkis. He has magnificently brought the ape Cesar to life and made him the true star of the franchise and I can’t wait to see him in this film. The battle sequences should be amazing and it’s exciting to think of the settings and backdrop they will have. I think this will be one of the great blockbusters of the 2017 summer.

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