“Office Space” | Movie Review

Office Space (1999) 1Grade (A+)

This project shows that a simple formula and strong comedic writing can make a successful film that retains its entertainment value over many years.

Three software engineers at Initech live a lifeless existence as they go about their daily, mundane lives. When the executives hire a pair of consultants to assist in a company-wide downsizing, and their jobs are suddenly at risk, they hatch a plan to get financial revenge on their greedy and abusive superiors.

The writing in this one was one of the strongest aspects of the films entertainment value. The dialogue is clever, witty and absolutely hilarious. With the creation of a unique group of characters they all have their own brand of humor attached to them and it makes for many comical moments with tons of laughable interactions and back-and-forth’s as well.

The performances from the cast were also strong. Writing alone will not make a great comedy but when added with a cast that can deliver the lines with their own tailored approach, it makes for a memorable film in the genre. The supporting cast in this film were also excellent and with many being given moments to shine in their own scenes and the short run-time makes for a fast, highly entertaining watch, or re-watch with hilarious moments coming from many of the characters.

John C. McGinley as the consultant, Gary Cole and the monotone boss, Diedrich Bader as the neighbor, Stephen Root as the coke-bottle glasses wearing mumbler, and Greg Pitts as the co-worker, all were fantastic and each delivered a different brand of humor.

The soundtrack to this one would be my sleeper pick for most subtle element that greatly added to the value of the film. A laugh or chuckle was more than once mustered when a scene would open to a hard-core rap beat from the 80’s and 90’s era and it seemed each song was perfectly suited to add amusement to the scenes they opened for.

Office Space (1999) 2

This was a quirky comedy that told a rather simple tale people can relate to with a cast of likable characters. It resulted in a unique cluster of comedic elements that stayed true to what it wanted. With that said I guess you could go back and try to dig up some issues with this film, I loved it so I suppose the only issue for me was I wanted more and would have liked to see the run-time go a little longer.

This is one of my all-time favorite comedies and regardless of being roughly fifteen-years old it still boasts a collection of memorable lines and moments. There were so many aspects of this story-line people of a wide range can relate to in at least one form or fashion.

It tells a great (what would you do) version of a life many of us have imagined and it pulls you in to the story. It also manages to toss in a subtle love story between Livingston & Aniston that actually adds to the comedic value of the film rather than slowing the pace down like in can in other genre films. This classic comedy is always worth a second watch and if by chance you have not seen it, do so, you will enjoy.

Time: 89 min

MPAA Rating: R (For language and brief sexuality)