“Ouija” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (F)

Another of the many been there done that campy-horror flicks with the usual cardboard characters and the same old premise with a Ouija board as the catalyst in a horror-less film. 


A group of late-teens play with a Ouija board to try and summon their dead friend who was killed by the same board and they (shockingly) awaken a dark spirit that makes them face their worst fears.

My Thoughts

To begin with it must be said it is somewhat difficult to rouse some thought about a film that seemingly did not during its creation. There was zero ambition in a plot that follows the traditional paint by numbers approach to the sub-genre. This film will not take you anywhere you have not been and even for campy horror flicks this one was dreadfully boring.

Olivia Cooke you could say delivered a decent performance given the overall direction of the script, pace of the film and sequence of events give her little to work with. Not to mention the mind-numbing dialogue filled with meaningless lines that evoke highly cliche expressions and performances from a cast trying to make the most of their material.

There is no connection to the characters and thus you can really care less where the thin plot takes them as the minutes pass and yet the end of the film seems to take forever to finally arrive.

Much of the film is boring and you can see the recycled scare tactics coming at you from a mile away, well, what small collection of attempted frights there actually were. Most of the run-time was filled with useless conversations among the characters and scenes around the Ouija board that rouse zero tensity.

Overall this was a highly predictable film that delivered little enjoyment. Unless you are a die-hard fan of the genre, passing on this one will save you from sitting through an incredibly long 90-minutes.

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