“Out of the Dark” | Movie Review

Grade: (D)

This film has its moments but they are no where near enough to pull the enjoyment of this one up to satisfactory levels. 


A couple (Speedman/Stiles) moves to Columbia with their young daughter (Davies) to assume control of a family owned manufacturing plant – and of course it doesn’t take long before they begin to suspect their new home is haunting with an evil presence focused on their daughter and you can surmise the rest.

My Thoughts

Before going into my thoughts on this generic attempt at horror I will give the disclaimer – one of the things that creep me out more than anything is ‘ghost kids’, not sure why, other then pretty much everything about them – give me the chills.

With that said, this film is centered around just such entities and the result was far from scary. This film was not horrible but it was far from good and sure the story sets up some good moments, but they are too few and far between the rest of the boring, cliche and anticlimactic moments that the result was still a dud.

Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman delivered decent performances but with the pedestrian approach to the story-line and lack of deep dialogue to work with you are left with another of the many, below average horror romps. All the usual set-ups are neatly placed in the script to rouse a jump from the viewer and most all of them fail to land their intended shock value.

The South American setting was fun for the film and did add something to a film that really showed no ambition in creativity and no genuine moments to call its own. Yes there are a couple of neat scenes that build some good suspense but as soon as they pass, the scripts slows again killing the mood and returning you to a mindless state of staring at the screen awaiting the end credits.

I was also a little taken by the casting choices as well. Pixie Davies who plays the daughter was good in her roll and delivered an adorable performance. But he thick Australian accent was a distraction once her parents showed not even a tinge of an accent. Sure the dialogue mentions her being born in Australia but that doesn’t mean that if I’m on vacation in Russia and my wife gives birth there, that our baby will grow to have a Russian accent… does it? Overall this example is one of many where this film seemed to just be going through the motions and trying not to put too much thought into the weak script. Pass on this one, unless you have ALOT of time to kill.