“Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (F)

Another Adam Sandler based comedic pile of boredom, this time he simply produces this worthless sequel with his bestie Kevin James going through the motions.


Who knows what the plot of this one is, Paul Blart goes to Las Vegas and stops a heist or something, and comes to terms with his teenage daughter, while forcing a barrage generic comedic set-ups down your throat.

My Thoughts

As if you couldn’t already tell I was less than impressed with this one to say the least. To be honest I was not even planning on watching this one as the first film failed to amuse, but regardless, as the film started up and I sat down I did try to go in with a open mind. Something that was hard to do given the cheesy comedic scenarios started almost immediately. Not ten-minutes into this film do you feel that you have been watching twice as long and have zero doubt in exactly how this story will end.

The entire character of Paul Blart seemed to be trying too hard and while I can appreciate the comedy James protrayed in “The King of Queens”, his Blart persona is a swing and a miss, stuck between age demographics. The entire film felt cliche ridden and with the team that put this one together I have no doubt they recycled one of their many scripts using the ‘Happy Madison write by numbers’ program. The theme of the film is in limbo between being for adults and being for kids given even most teenagers would find this film pointless and dumb.

Seeing some of the familiar faces as cameos was fun for a instant as even the hilarious get-up put on by Gary Valentine as the balding Saul Gundermutt wore off soon as the story-line followed all the usual turns towards its predictably anti-climactic third-act.

The supporting cast wasn’t too bad, Neal McDonough was your typical villain with little creativity put into his role giving him nothing but the same old antagonistic dialogue to work with. Eduárdo Verastegui actually surprised with his role as the lead hotel security agent. His dislike and attitude toward Blart and his entire persona was so spot on it could easily have been a silent ‘F-U’ from the filmmakers letting you know even they know there was no ambition taken into this project other than making money off as many movie goers as possible.

In the end they still won and took my time waiting for the film to finally end as well as the time writing this review. I won’t say there are no moments in this sequel that make you laugh, but the three scenes that do make you laugh out loud are not worth the time sitting through the rest of the movie. Watch at your own risk, unless your time is not valuable and your days are endless.

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  1. Kevin James and Gary valentine need to sit with stick coms’’ there is no comedy in their bowels Kraken in booties

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