“Sex Tape” | Movie Review

Grade (C+)

A sexual themed raunch-com that delivers its share of cheap laughs as well as plenty of lewd and cringe worthy moments and really you cannot expect much more from a film like this. 

Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segel) have been together since they were young. Now that they have a house and a family they feel they have lost connection with their younger selves that seemed to never be able to keep their hands off one another.

To celebrate a possible career opportunity for Annie, and with the kids gone for the night, the two decide to rekindle the passion in their relationship in the form of a sex-tape. When the two forget to erase the tape and it makes its way into the digital cloud of online networks they must scramble to find all the copies that could be out there.

This film pretty much gives you what you would expect from seeing the trailer, or the simple title alone. There are relentless sexually charged scenarios throughout the script that in my opinion resulted in a good amount of laughter, more from shock value. The two main characters who find themselves living an older life than their younger minds, is easy to relate to for many in the age bracket and the connection the to story-line provides lots of laughs. It does not take long however for the connections to dwindle as the script quickly ramps up the over-the-top scenarios to the point it felt forced and honestly boring after awhile.

Diaz and Segel deliver the solid chemistry needed to pull off the roles and as they are faced with the reality they are not young carefree people anymore. They convey the range of hilarious emotions and reactions that make the film fun to sit through regardless of the extreme lack of substance in the screenplay. Their back-and-forth’s, whether it be in their interactions once the tape gets out, or their childlike love for one another were a nice addition to the film but more in a cute way rather than being able to add and real enjoyment.

There are many moments that will make you laugh, cringe and certainly blush, as the two lead characters literally put it all out there to try and reclaim their past sexual libido’s. Their close friends Robby and Tess provide some laughable moments as they dance around the topic of the sex-tape, whether they had seen it and their opinions on it. Also Rob Lowe delivers a comical multi-sided character and adds some fun to the absurd, but comical (at times) plot during the second-act.

This film does what many would suspect and sells sex for a cheap laugh, but regardless it was lighthearted fun in the end. There was nothing great about this film and there was nothing that would be considered extremely witty about the dialogue, but the script took the most out of the many outrageous scenes and delivered some good comedy for the moderate run-time. I was not expecting anything this film failed to give me and with this lack of expectations, my disappointment was not as high.

Those not interested in 100% raunchy humor may want to pass, and with the numerous nude scenes it’s probably best to put the kids to sleep. But for those who are interested in some adult humor that draws some awkward chuckles with forced dialogue, and high amounts of dumbness and nudity then give this one a shot and laugh your way through it without much expectation.