“Snowpiercer” | Movie Review

Grade: (A+)

A creatively thought-provoking saga whose message never gets lost in the violent set-pieces and keeps you thinking till the end.


After an experiment drastically changes the earths climate and destroys the human race, only the few who boarded the ‘Snowpiercer’ survive, although life on this ever moving train is a form of prison to many as a deeply rooted social class systems emerges.

My Thoughts

Ever have one of those films you almost watch a bunch of time but never do. Then when you finally see it, you love it and wonder what took so long to enjoy what you already expected to be a great film? “Snowpiercer” was that film for me as I finally sat down and took in an amazing story, captured with great cinematic style from director Joon-ho Bong. How this film did not get an outright major theater release schedule is a topic for another article altogether but after receiving much praise it finally got a brief stint in the cinemas to even more popular reception.

First off the story-line is excellent, it’s ambitious, highly creative’ and absolutely thought-provoking. The ever-moving train is a unique setting for a deeply dramatic examination of social and economic stature and class systems. Littered perfectly along the tale of people living amid inhospitable conditions and trying to fight for a better way of life, are many brief moments of dialogue, gritty visuals, and a pure sadness. Together they do a detailed job of explaining the differences in how people are treated based on their stature and how both the poor and the wealthy feel towards one another.

Not only did this movie deliver a story that makes you think about the class system in today’s world, there was also just as much creativity taken into how life would sustain itself aboard a single train if the world (as we know it) did come to an end. Whether it is plausible or not didn’t matter because I still found myself enthralled in the world that was created. To such depth to wide a range of messages that this film wanted to give the viewer, the script was still smooth. It was organized and well paced giving a wide spectrum of emotions from start-to-finish.

“Snowpiercer” will make you sit on the edge of your seat during many suspenseful and climactic moments, and will have you chuckling the next, with some clever and plausible humor to break the tension at the right times. The are many dramatic scenes as well as a constant flow of material that will have you thinking, and using your own imagination. There is also some great visceral action captured with a stunning cinematic eye that will have you up in your chair clenching on to something.

The cast was just another great thing about this excellent film. Chris Evans who has already become a household name from his “Captain America” persona came into this project and delivered (in my opinion) his best performance. He was perfectly suited for the role and showed range in acting I have not seen from him. His dramatic delivery was surprisingly compassionate and the scenes pull you into the world of the film. For what at the time was considered a small project, his effort put into this role elevated his Hollywood status in my opinion.

The supporting cast was equally as impressive, Tilda Swinton delivered an odd, creepy character that captured your attention. Octavia Spencer came in with a heart-warming performance, able to inject some subtle moments of hilarity among the otherwise dramatic tone without ever seeming to force it. Ewen Bremmer, John Hurt, Kang-ho Song, Ah-sung Ko, Jamie Harris and Ed Harris all came in with great performance as well to round out the script of creative and interesting characters.

In the end “Snowpiercer” should be commended for the thought taken into the story. There was high amounts of detail, some unused in the film, to create a well rounded world this script could simply live in. The result was an intriguing story and in my opinion an astounding success. If you have not seen this film yet do so, one you start it you will be pulled into an impressive adventure unlike many you have seen.