“Speed” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (A)

A classic popcorn-flick from the summer of 1994.


An LAPD detective will board a bus rigged with a bomb set to detonate if the speed drops below 50 mph, while the maniacal bomber watches from afar.

My Thoughts

Before the days comic-book movies took over and began to rule the summer box-office, it was over-the-top action films that fit the bill. In the summer of 1994 Keanu Reeves’ “Speed” and Arnold’s “True Lies” shared top of the action ranks.

Sure you may think a 8.0 rating may be a little on the high side but to this day the film still holds its own in regards of action. The story is creative, fun, pulse-pounding and delivered all you need from a mindless action-adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Once the film gets going it never stops and the script keeps a great flow to reel in your interest from start-to-finish. Without question there are some cheesy moments, a few horrible delivered lines and some ridiculously implausible scenarios but who cares. It’s all in the fun, and watching a massive bus jumps across a conveniently missing section of a freeway will get your blood flowing regardless of its absurdity.

The cast is great, Keanu was perfect for the role and easily filled the shoes of a leading man in this action romp. Jeff Daniels was a nice side character and had some amusing back-and-forth’s with Reeves’ character. Not to forget Sandra Bullock who used this role to springboard her career to stardom with a charming performance. Dennis Hopper was also excellent as the crazy bomber and his portrayal gave the film a fun antagonist.

For a night with a fun-filled and never ending action story with characters you can root for, “Speed” still delivers. From tense, to adrenaline filled scenes to action-packed and dramatic scenarios, this one has it all. Many will think making a blockbuster action film is easy and while certain aspects of that may be true, making it an enjoyable one is not so easy, just look how the sequel to this one turned out.