Kevin Smiths Created The First Great Cinematic Universe: Clerks Commentary


5 out of 5

Chris Fagan gives Commentary on Clerks movie. Available on T3Medias Podcast

With Brian Christopher O’Halloran (Dante Hicks) falling out of the closets in the opening scene of Clerks was the metaphoric birth of the ViewAskewniverse. Kevin Smith taught me what the word credentials meant as well as other words that happened to enhance my vocabulary. If it wasn’t for Clerks I would not be the movie buff I am today. Kevin’s education got me through a lot of rough times in life. Regurgitating the words from this epic comedy made me seem like a real smart ass to a lot of people but I faked it till I became it. Now I’m just a smart ass for real. 

I get in deep with the conversations that both Dante and Randel share, my belief about the Death Star when it blew up was more for those ranking officers who just made it out on vacation that weekend to see it all blow up. My theory is that a lot of them were johns probably going on vacation to meet up with prostitutes and lucked out the day Luke Skywalker decided to break the universal bro code and mess up a good thing for all the dudes on the Death Star. 

When your movie star crushes Marilyn Ghigliotti & Lisa Spoonauer can still be a Goddess in your eyes after her character admits giving oral to over thirty six different guys & the other sleeping with a dead guy but looking cute in that outfit with the tie, you know that you’re not right in the mind. When you can agree with the concept that “The customer is always an asshole” over the notion that they’re always right in this universe, thank you Ben, then it means you see this dimension in 3.5 instead of 3. If Kevin Smith was able to open my chakra to go to the beyond and rip into the occasional customer, spitting water in the face of your opposition, then you’re truly bless.

The world of View Askew is not just looking at a film or two for a couple of yucks, but looking into what we really call religion, human behavior, and love. Psyche!!! Its a bunch of good times with drugs and dick’n fart joke. Enjoy. . .the podcast Commentary of the movie Clerks.

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