“Ted 2” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (D)

While the first film felt unique, inventive and fun, this one felt cheep, forced and just plain dumb.


When Ted and his wife want to have a child, Ted must prove to the courts he is and should be considered a real person despite his appearance.

My Thoughts

Sometimes you should just leave it alone and move on it a new idea or vision, that is my opinion of the foul-mouthed talking bear after seeing this pointless sequel. I’m sure I may be one of the few who feel this way given it seemed to have gotten some positive reviews and a surprisingly high 6.7 rating on IMDb. While I enjoyed the first film and found it to be delightfully fun and enjoyable, this sequel turned out to be the bad film I was expecting the original to be.

I will not say there are not a few laughable jokes and some funny moments along the way but they were only randomly scattered among a slew of forced, highly racial, sexist, and homophobic jokes that you could see the clear intention of shock humor being the theme. Even more so than the original. That is not even taking into account the gross-out humor attempts and collection of scenes that seemed to force scenarios beyond the point of drawing laughter with the films content, to laughing at the film as a whole trying to be a comedy.

Mark Wahlberg’s stupid demeanor (along with his extremely forced Boston accent) wore off quickly in this one and soon it got to where his character was just plain hard to watch. The entire premise of the story-line was dumb to the point it roused zero interest which didn’t help the two-hour run-time go any faster. It took forever to end and just when you thought, alright its finally over, the next scene would fade in and more would have to be sat through.

The funniest parts of this sequel were the cameos, NFL great Tom Brady, Liam Neeson as well as a few others had some small roles that made for the most laughable moments of the entire drawn out story-line. Shaving thirty-minutes off the length and trying to wit up the comedic dialogue a bit could have made this the entertaining sequel “22 Jump Street” turned out to be rather than dropping into the realm of “Anchorman 2” and “Dumb and Dumber To”. If you want something to play in the background, this film will provide some laughs as you listen while you are doing something else but sitting back and giving the story your full attention will not help make it any better.