“The Matrix” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (A+)

Still one of the all-time great science-fiction saga’s out there.

Just about everyone has seen “The Matrix”, the story-line is exceptional and over the course of the action and drama filled run-time, the saga tells itself with complex organization. The result is a wild adventure with a high amount of concept, creativity and ambition as the script takes you on a massively unique ride.

This film gives you all the range of emotions from adrenaline pumping action to tense harrowing moments as well as a theme that does nothing but evoke a high amount of thought on the imagination it possesses.

The characters are just as creative as the story-line, they fill and deliver strong personalities as well as a fun visual flair. Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving are all exceptional. Sure Keanu has some tough lines that come across with a chuckle despite the serious theme but it still does not hinder from the the enjoyment. Hugo Weaving as the stone-faced Mr. Smith was excellent and his performance (for me) was still the most enjoyable of the entire cast.

The film is stylish, entertaining and keeps you hanging throughout to see what path the story will take to evolve. Even if you do not like science-fiction or the action genre in general, this film still delivers more than enough story to keep interest high. An entire world and philosophy was created to make the framework of this story-line and even today it still is one of the more entertaining films in the genre.

The special-effects were cutting-edge for their time and the soundtrack to the film added a hip element to an already high-quality project. Sequencing of the scenes was great and made for a good flow and easy digestion of the wildly deep plot. The cinematography was excellent and delivered some truly awesome action scenes that 16 years later are still fun to sit back and watch.

“The Matrix” will never lose its appeal and to this day this film is still regarded as boasting the most memorable performances of the much of the cast members, regardless of their resumes since.