“The Mummy” | Trailer #1 Thoughts

mummyposterWhat’s up guys, so we get an official trailer to the new “Mummy” film to close out the weekend. Now I was curious about this movie but not overly excited. I assumed it would be a more compelling film than the last couple Brendan Frasier “Mummy” movies, but honestly after seeing this trailer I am not so sure any more.

This trailer clearly shows the film is getting the blockbuster summer treatment with loads of massive set-pieces and action-sequences. Now that isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, with Tom Cruise loving to do his own stunts and push the limits to his action performances, there looks to be plenty of opportunity for him to deliver some heart pumping action scenes.

This trailer focuses on displaying the action throughout and really doesn’t divulge much about the story. Something that in my opinion will be absolutely vital to this film not just going down in the crowded halls of past summer popcorn flicks. The small pieces of information it does reveal, peaks some curiosity as to what the direction of the plot will be. There will be a lot of pressure on this film to be a success if it is to be the tent-pole film Universal needs it to be for their rebooted monster franchise to really take off.

Cruise will be a safe bet though. He will most likely delver a solid performance but the sequel to “Jack Reacher” was a clue that if the story is lacking in depth, his performance alone will not carry the run-time. The trailer looks interesting, it will no doubt be loaded with special-effects and Cruise running from disaster like he did in “War of the Worlds” and well pretty much every film he has been in the last 20 years. But something about this trailer gave me the impression the story could just be there to stitch a bunch of action-sequences together and that isn’t really a great sign.

The summer season brings audiences endless waves of spectacular visuals to feast on, but not much to wrap our heads around, and if this remake ends up playing out like the routine path this trailer took, it could end up looking like that fancy, expensive, polished sports car, parked in a garage full of hundreds of other shiny sports cars just like it. I just hope the writing duo of Christopher McQuarrie and Jon Spaihts can weave a compelling story to make this film memorable, for more than just some large scale special-effects.

The trailer make it look a little too much like a cookie-cutter summer blockbuster but there is some potential here. Cruise is usually solid and Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll could be really fun. And that’s my take on the first trailer for “The Mummy” remake coming out this summer.

9, June 2017

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