“The Net” | Movie Review

Overall Grade: (B-)

A fun 90’s action-thriller focusing on the growing world of the digital age and identity theft.


When a computer programmer is sent a seemingly normal piece of software to work on she inadvertently sees something she shouldn’t have and finds her life stolen right out from under her.

My Take

This is still one of my favorite action-thrillers from the 90’s with Sandra Bullock fresh off her breakout role in “Speed” delivering an energetic and charming performance as a young computer programmer in the wrong place at the wrong time. Watching this film to simply enjoy the nostalgia of what 1995 thought cutting-edge technology and to see how it truly was in some facets ahead of its time, is reason enough to sit back and watch this one again.

The story is adventurous and not so far fetched that you cannot connect to it. The tone takes it self serious and despite some predictability at times it is still very entertaining. The best thing about the script was the pace. It kept itself moving and continuing towards its end without lingering or trying to force too much.

There was also enough meat to the story-line to capture your attention and makes you want to stay long enough to see how the main character will fare at the end. Although you can get a good idea of the final outcomes tone long before it happens. But it does not hinder the enjoyment of watching Bullock fight to get her life back.

Sandra Bullock was fun in the lead and certainly carried the film. She was more than capable in the range of emotions the role called for and sure some of the scenes were forced but it is common in films like these regardless of the era. She was believable, realistic in personality, and conveyed a likable character you can root for.

Dennis Miller was also a great side character and like much of his smaller roles throughout the 90’s he was able to bring some witty charm to make the most of his usual sub-plot dynamic with his dry humor to lighten the mood after tense situations.

Jeremy Northam was passable as the antagonist and while he may have not been the most intimidating villain he was still believable. He captured the cold-blooded killer with calculation realistically enough to make him good for this role.

“The Net” was a fun action film that managed to build some suspense and tension. The adventure the story-line takes you on is worth the time and the sight of old technology being displayed all along the script is fun to see compared to today’s advances. Bullock carried the weight of the film on her shoulder and showed some range early in her career with this performance before a small string of average rom-com’s and a horrible “Speed” sequel. If you never had a change to catch this film then give it a shot, it won’t blow you away but it will certainly entertain.