“The Report” (QUICK TAKE REVIEW) A Well-Crafted Political Drama

The Report - 2019 - Amazon Studios
The Report - 2019 - 3
The Report – 2019 – Amazon Studios

“The Report” starring Adam Driver and Annette Bening is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Written and directed by Scott Z. Burns. This one follows a young, idealistic Senate staffer that has been tasked to lead an investigation into the CIA’s post 9/11 interrogation program, only to unearth layers of secrecy. I must say I enjoyed what this movie put together. It does play out like many other political based biopics. However, the information it uncovers, how it progresses, and the performances certainly make it worth a watch.

Adam Driver was fantastic and easily carried the film along. His motivation to uncover the truth and the emotional responses he captured from that determination felt natural and didn’t veer into self-righteousness. He was given a task, and he wanted to complete it regardless of the outcome. That is what enabled me to connect to him, with my own curiosities to learn the truth as well. He was passionate about his findings and wanted that truth alone to come out. He wasn’t trying to bolster his own career, or create a smear campaign, and that was why I found the film so compelling to see unfold.

Surrounding Driver was a fantastic cast with Annette Bening, Corey Stoll, Jon Hamm, and Linda Powell all coming in with great performances. The dialogue was tightly written with every conversation meaning something to moving the narrative forward. And with everyone blending into their roles I felt the authenticity of their portrayals created a strong realistic vibe to the overall theme. Driver’s character working this investigation had varying consequences to several powerful people. And it resulted in many tense conversations that had me completely locked in as the layers of government interference came into play.

The use of flashbacks as Driver’s character unearthed evidence for his report was nicely done. These sequences filled in information, as well as provided context to what was being pulled from files and spoken about between characters. There was a timely flow to it all and it never made the movie feel choppy, which can often happen. This smooth progression kept the appeal and intrigue up. I was curious throughout as the knowledge of what was happening in this program became known to Driver’s character and with it continually evolving, the pacing keeps everything fresh despite the structure of the story being like many others in the genre.

That lack of a unique tone could keep the film from appealing to the masses, but I recommend giving it a shot. The dialogue and the performances carry the show, and it’s layered with an informative approach. It’s relatively matter-of-fact as well, and without the feeling that an agenda is being pushed onto the viewer I think it’s easy sit back and enjoy.

GRADE: 85%