“Thrashin” | Movie Review

poster20thrashin201986_zps2kqthuy41Grade (B+)

A nostalgic film that completely captures the skateboarding culture of California in the mid 80’s.

“THRASHIN” stars Josh Brolin as teenager Corey Webster who travels out to California to enjoy the summer skateboarding with his friends from the valley and he falls in love with a girl who just so happens to be the sister of his rival, a dangerous gang leader who despises Corey and all people like him.

It is hard to remember a more 80’s feeling film, and this one revolves around the punk-rock skateboarding culture of southern California. Sure this film consists of about seventy-five percent montages and twenty-five percent dialogue but it still manages to tell a solid story. No matter how generic this plot may be it still delivers a decent ‘Romeo & Juliet’ style dynamic that makes you root for the young love.

Much more compelling than the story is the heavy skateboarding theme that is never forgotten throughout the run-time. For being released in the mid-80’s the camerawork that is displayed results in some excellent cinematography. The wild adrenaline fueled sport is perfectly captured and will make you reminisce of your days of pushing your own skateboard down the streets.

For the time, this film was fresh, hip, and filled with punk references and a cluster of cameos from young professional skateboarders that went on to make a name names for themselves and helped revolutionize the sport. Yes the acting was far from compelling and the writing was weak but it was clearly targeted for a younger demographic and despite the years, it is still watchable today, and will provide some entertainment.stills20thrashin201986202_zpsqdtulzhb

As for the skateboarding captured in this film, it is very well shot for being thirty-years old, and still looks great. Even with the advances in camera techniques of films today, in my opinion the stunt-work captured was far ahead of its time and still holds its own in current era movies.

There is a music montage over skaters ripping down Hollywood Boulevard and you can tell the street was not closed off as these guys weave their way through the pedestrian traffic. The expressions on peoples faces are laughable, and this long scene perfectly captured the rebellious punk theme by using rebellious film techniques.

With a great soundtrack and wardrobes, this film captures the era with perfection and while “Thrashin” may be far from perfect, but it does have many appealing qualities about it. Younger audiences today can still appreciate the outfits and skating on display in this film and an older audience can relive some nostalgia from the great decade the 80’s was.

– Starring –

Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, Pamela Gidley, Brooke McCarter, Josh Richman, Brett Marx, David Wagner, Sherilyn Fenn, Tony Hawk

– Directed By –

David Winters

Time: 93 min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (For reckless behavior, some violence, language and a scene of sexuality – all involving teens)