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War on Everyone (2016) 2“WAR ON EVERYONE” looks to follow in the path of success “The Nice Guys” found this summer and with two talented actors such as Peña and Skarsgård, there is great potential here. This script looks to follow a couple of corrupt cops in New Mexico that turn the table on a string of criminals until they bite off too big of a fish for their own good.

The darker toned comedy looks promising in this trailer and the story looks to take the viewers on an adventurous ride. Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgård are both underrated actors in my opinion and I am looking forward to seeing what they can build in the way of chemistry. There are tons of these buddy-comedy films, and without a strong rapport with one another this film will easily be forgotten.

This film seems fitting for Peña and I have no doubt he will make the most of the material he is given to work with. But for me it will be the performance of Skarsgård that will be the really interesting one to watch. I haven’t seen him in a comedic role like this before, but with his range I’m sure he will manage just fine. However, if he doesn’t feel the part of the comedic partner in the film, it will hinder the fun.

Hopefully the writing will be on par and deliver some witty humor that will allow the performances to shine because Peña and Skarsgård have the talent to rival the comedic weight Gosling and Crowe did. But in the end it will all come down to the writing and the chemistry.

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