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Christmas brings us the first trailer for the much anticipated “Alien: Covenant” from Ridley Scott, and damn does it look promising.

“Alien: Covenant” is due out in May of next year, it’s the follow up to Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” and is supposed to be the second installment of a prequel trilogy that leads up to the events of the 1979 original. Now I enjoyed “Prometheus” it felt like a slow-burning mysterious science-fiction film, that relied much more on the writing and performances, than special-effects and I could appreciate that.

From what this Red Band trailer shows, the sequel looks to be a much faster-paced film, bringing the gore back to the franchise, and to me it had a much similar feel to the second film in the franchise “Aliens”. I’m also really looking forward to seeing what this script, and film overall will deliver as far as settings, scenarios and new characters.

The face-huggers and familiar pods are back, the chest-busters are back, we also get to see director Ridley Scott will be implementing the use of tight corridors and confined spaces of the ship to create tension. And how can we forget the famous alien itself. So, it’s clear there will be a lot of familiarity to the Alien franchise.

But with this crew venturing out into this uncharted world, making discoveries to the truth of where they are, and what’s around them, looks to also give this film a similar tone to “Prometheus”. I think this combination has the potential to result in an intelligent, horror themed, science-fiction film, that can be great.

This trailer shows off some of the visual-effects this movie will boast and they look damn fantastic! We also got a shot of some of the crew characters, and the return of Fassbender as the android David. Most importantly to myself, we get to see a glimpse of the suspenseful tone this film could have. The mysteries that unpeeled in the story-line of “Prometheus” were compelling and attention grabbing, but adding those same elements to a swifter story, that ramps up the tension, is something I think could work great for this sequel’s possible success.

Overall the first Red Band trailer for “Alien: Covenant” was awesome, and to me it shows tons of potential, tons of blood, and a little peek at the iconic alien we have all loved for decades. This franchise is Ridley Scott’s baby, he cares about its reputation, and takes pride in this franchise, he’s an awesome director and it should all translate to a great film.

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